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I tried to use an iCalendar (you can see it on the right side of the page) but it doesn´t work so well : the hours are wrong even though my calendar shows the write time on other websites and it´s a bit of a pain to make updates here, sometimes some of the events don´t appear, so once or twice per week, I´ll post some events of interest connected to Asia and Africa and a few more.
There will be some big events and festivals later this and next month in Berlin, Oslo, Tokyo, Kobe and Kyoto, I will soon add them.
If you see something important missing, feel free to contact me.

5 January 2016, 20h30 (Hong Kong) NOISE to SIGNAL 0.33: Duality
28/F, Park Avenue Tower, 5 Moreton Terrace, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Dualism in action with Australian drummer / percussionist Will Guthrie.
Performers: Will Guthrie + Dennis Wong aka Sin:Ned (Drum & Stick / AU & HK) Jasper Fung + Wong Chun Hoi (Electronics / HK) Olaf Hochherz + Wilmer Chan (Electronics & Double Bass / DE & HK) Admission: Pay What You Want. Facebook.

5 January 2016, 19h (Tokyo)
高円寺 円盤 : 高円寺南3-59-11 五麟館ビル2F, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan
植野隆司, 柳家小春, 飯田華子, JON(犬), 田畑 満, Hugues Vincent.
(Jon Yon Sun a.k.a Jon the Dog, Iida Hanako, Yanagiya Koharu, Ueno Takashi from Tenniscoats, Tabata Mitsuru from Acid Mothers Temple, Hugues Vincent).
Charge¥2,000 (1drink付き).

6 January 2016, 20h (Berlin) Syrphe Night 03
Maze : Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin, Germany .
Lives : Jealousy Party (Italy-Germany), Eric Wong (Hong Kong-USA), Kunst Als Strafe (Germany)
DJ : C-drík aka Kirdec

7 January 2016, 21h (Hong Kong)
Unit 1406, Sea View Estate Block A, 2-8 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Wilmer Chan (Double Bass), Sin:Ned (Stick), Kung Chi Shing (Viola/Computer), William Lane (Viola), Ken Ueno (Voice), Thomas Rosenkranz (Piano)

8 January 2016, 20h (Bangkok) Fog Fire
Jam : 41 Soi Rong Nam Kang (Charoen Rat Soi 1), Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand FOG FIRE presents : A night of synthesizers, saxophone, computer, drums, experimental collaboration and improvisation. with : STYLISH NONSENSE (Thailand) JULIEN BOUDART (France) MINT PARK aka BAKAH (Korea/USA) SPACE MONKEY III (Thailand).

8 January 2016, 29h30 (Taipei) Lacking Sound Festival 100 part 1
THE WALL : 公館 台北市羅斯福路四段200號B1 / THE WALL mansion Roosevelt Road, Taipei, 200號B1
DJ 林強 , 柯智豪 , 蛋 , fish.the
票價 (entrance) :NT.600(附專輯乙張)
More info here.

8 January 2016, 20h (Manila) New Musical Inventions
Pineapple Lab : 6071 R. Palma St., Brgy. Poblacion, Makati
Levy Ingles Lorenzo [US/PH]
solo electronics + percussion
PHP250 w/ 1 beer.

09 January 2016, 19h (Tehran)
اجرای بعدی Sote در سری رویداد‌های ‌صت، با همکاری آف استودیو و تماشاخانه‌ی موج نو، در تاریخ ۱۹ دی‌ برگزار می‌‌شود. به قطعه‌ای از آلبوم Arrhythmia گوش کنید تا با کارهای او آشنایی بیشتری پیدا کنید: https://soundcloud.com/sotesound/lacuna-1 یا اگر تمایل دارید مصاحبه ی مفصل او با مجله سرناد را بخوانید: http://tinyurl.com/hq3b5ng برای اطلات بیشتر با…

09 January 2016, 20h (Hanoi)
Goethe Institut Hanoi : 56-58 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hanoi, Vietnam
Cao Thanh Lan (piano and electronics)

10 January 2016, 20h30 (Kuala Lumpur) Switch On
無限發掘 FINDARS : No.8, 4th Floor, Jalan Panggong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Yong Yand Sen & Kok Siew Wai, Hans Koch, Thomas Peter.




Author: Syrphe

Syrphe is a platform, radio show and label mostly but not exclusively dedicated to alternative electronic, noise, sound art, electroacoustic (...) from Asia and Africa, run by C-drík, a composer, musician, organiser, author based in Berlin. Text quoted in inverted commas are not written by me.

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